Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Second date with Dave

Last night I had my follow up session with my PT, Dave. In our first session we'd gone through my stats and measurements to get a baseline and then spoken about my preferences and goals but not done a proper workout so this session was all about finding out what programme he'd dreamed up for me and trying it out.

My programme looks a little like this:
Warm up - Bike, 5 mins, level 5, 80 RPM
Speed - Treadmill, Intervals, 10 mins, level 7
Glutes - Cross trainer, Reverse programme, 10 minutes, level 5

Hip rotators
Double crunches with medicine ball
Dynamic lunges (with weights)

Seated chest press
Tricep pull down
Lateral pull down
Leg extensions

It's designed to strengthen my glutes and core for running whilst improving my speed and build muscles that will help with my swimming. It would normally take no more than hour but took a little longer on this occasion as he talked me through the machines and settings. Most of the exercises felt a little easy so will be increased next time. I felt a little self conscious being watched while I worked out but we chatted quite a bit which was fun and I took the opportunity to quiz him about how he got into Personal Training. He's a real sweetie (and a bit of a flirt) and I really like him as a trainer and a person. He'd also printed off a beginners training plan for Sprint Triathlon to help shape my training outside of the gym (I didn't tell him it was this weekend).

I enjoyed the session and time passed very quickly but I finished feeling I hadn't really worked very hard, maybe because none of the components take very long or maybe because the settings were a little light/easy but I don't ache anywhere today. I would have stayed on and done some more but I'm aware the rest of my week is fairly active so thought better of it. Hopefully the adjustments will resolve that for next time. Now I know the routine I don't feel I need someone watching me do it so while I'm looking forward to working to the programme I'm going to use my next PT session (heavily discounted as part of my membership) to do something completely different and more circuit based where he can push me hard. Now THAT I'm looking forward to!

Once again I was impressed by how friendly all the staff are there. The guy who signed me up asked how Tough Mudder had gone - I hadn't expected him to remember - so I showed him my bruises. I've probably scared him off now...

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