Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Start of a New Adventure

For some time, almost a year in fact, I’ve been thinking about taking my love of and enthusiasm for fitness further and taking a qualification in Personal Training. As my charity challenge drew to a close I started to think about what to do next ("taking a break" didn't really get a look in), and there were a few signs that made me think it might be the right time. I thought a lot about the pros and cons, asked existing PTs about their experiences and for advice and researched different courses and institutions.

Pros: Learn more about something I enjoy, get a recognised qualification, potentially make some money, help others realise their potential, help my nearest and dearest with confidence.

Cons: Fair financial and time commitment in order to “do it right”, not remotely related to anything else I’ve studied (although I could argue that as a pro too).

After some deliberation I’ve signed up to the Advanced Diploma in Personal Training with FutureFit, specialising in Pre and Post natal exercise and nutrition. I chose FutureFit as their prices and course content were better than any others in the area, you can work through at your own pace and a large proportion of the study is online rather than class room based, although there are workshops and face-to-face assessments. I’ll be studying alongside my full time job and so the format of FutureFit’s course works perfectly for me. I’m used to distance learning with the OU and this course will be a lot like that.
Premier were cited as another top notch provider but not only were they significantly more expensive but required a commitment to workshops that I simply wasn’t able to make. FutureFit have been around for as long, are similarly recognised and include business skills that Premier doesn’t offer.

I’m really excited to get started. I know it’s a popular market to get into and it’s likely to be hard to build up clientele. I may never make this work as a career or business but I’m so looking forward to learning again and of course you can look forward to a new series of posts as I work my way through the qualification.

Oh and I also get an NUS card again as I'm a student :)

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