Friday, 31 May 2013

Membership vs Non-member prices : Part 2

In my Membership vs Non-member prices : Part 1 post I looked at how much I'd saved by taking out a gym membership over 4 months whilst training for my Charity Challenges. At my new sports centre, over the past month, I carried out a similar exercise.

First month = £28
18 month Contract Membership = £29.95
Members deal on PT session = £10 (50% saving on a block of 10 @ £200)

PT sessions = 4
Gym sessions = 1
Swim sessions = 2
Total = 7

The cost of my first month's membership in May was £28 in May. I only used the facilities 7 times during the month, far less than I used my previous gym each month (an average of 13 times) but I have had more events in the calendar, I ran and cycled outside and I've been moving house too, so actually that's not bad.

If I'd paid full price for each of the sessions I'd have spent £109 so to date I've saved £81! The saving is so large because I've been having personal training sessions which are usually £30 a pop and I got a great members discount on a block of 10. I've decided to stick to using the gym. Even if I only go twice a week I'll save money by paying £29.95 a month and I get access to so many facilities and benefits.

Even if you're not training for events, or prefer exercising outside a gym membership is still a great investment but it's worth taking a little time to find one to suit you. Not all gyms are created equal.

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