Monday, 22 December 2014

Event Review : Greenwich Park 10k

This was to be the last hurrah of 2014 in terms of official races for me; the Greenwich Park 10k organised by RunThrough. In actuality there was a choice of a 5k or 10k distance but I opted for the 10k at a cost of just £16 which included a pudding shaped medal for all finishers plus mince pies. Mince pies! It doesn't take a lot to convince me to sign up to a race it would seem.

It was a cold but bright morning as my parents and I strode across Blackheath to the park to collect my race number. We were somewhat early but it meant that after a hassle-free race pack pick up we could retire to the Pavillion cafe (where dad apparently worked in his youth) for warmth, loos and refreshments. Dad got his customary pre-race bacon nutty and there were lattes all round.
From our vantage point on the second level of the cafe we could see the start line and a stream of entrants, the majority in festive fancy dress, ranging from token santa hats to full elf and tree outfits. I was more at the token end of the spectrum, but I was planning to put in a fair bit of effort...

Seasonal songs blasted over the PA system and we were underway fairly promptly. I think there were some concerns that bags wouldn't be deposited in time but the organisers somehow managed to deal with it fairly swiftly. The 5k runners had one lap of the park and the 10k runners had two laps to complete, which meant we had to do The Hill twice. In all honesty I think the course had been planned rather well, with as much flat as possible. There weren't that many marshals but then it didn't feel as though many were required as the course was well sign posted and all on pathways. It was possible to get up a fair bit of speed and there was a considerable amount of "leapfrogging" on the hills. But that just added to the fun. There was water at the 5k point for those who wanted it and the second lap flew by. Due to the lay out of the route I got to wave at my parents a lot, always a joy.
One more stumble up the hill and suddenly it was round the corner to the finish line. I was delighted with my time of 58:31. I'd given it almost everything and still had a smile, something my dad always feels compelled to comment on these days. I availed myself of some mince pies, leaving the oranges and bananas to others. It seemed as though people got bags back quickly and there was plenty of chatter as everyone wound their way homewards or for lunches.
I thoroughly enjoyed the event for it's simplicity and friendly atmosphere; a great way to round off the year. RunThrough have a whole series of events in London next year and I'd recommend checking them out if you're in that sort of area.

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  1. Well done! I have proper medal envy from that one too!