Friday, 12 December 2014

Lights, Camera, Sneezing

As I write this I'm sat on my sofa in my pyjamas, box of tissues to hand trying to rest up rather than do a dozen odd jobs and errands I have listed out. I'm not sure whether I'm feeling rough because I started to slow down and my immune system let it's guard down or whether my body decided that making me poorly was the only way I'd recover properly. In either case, here I am; feeling fidgety.
Christmas Lights in Norwich - Hen Party location.
My weekend was a blur of driving, hen celebrations and training. I failed completely to make or find time to do my prescribed training. All good intentions but I failed to realise how much time travelling would take up and sleep between activities took priority. I've managed to hit all my workouts so far this week though (not counting today) and discovered how slow I have to run to maintain a zone 2 heart rate. I'm still not really enjoying my swimming but I'm feeling a little less daunted by it.

Suspension Equipment training with FutureFit was great fun. I'd never used suspension equipment before (TRX being just one brand amongst many) so it was very engaging. I was by far the least able of the group, but as we were a group of PTs and gym instructors I didn't feel too bad about it. We all have limits and strengths after all! I think I had DOMS for three days straight, particularly in my abs and back so I can attest to the fact it works!
One of the lads showing off his monkey bar skills 
I held the second Bracknell RunFitUK session on a very wet and blustery Tuesday night with three hardy souls who were game for a laugh and some fancy footwork to improve cadence. This side of Christmas I understand it's tricky to fit things like this in around celebrations but it would be fantastic to get more people along in the New Year, not least because it will give us more options with intervals and games.

Despite being under the weather there have been lots of old things about this week. The frosty mornings have made me feel a bit artistic in the photography stakes, I made a start on wrapping Christmas gifts and I've had my first mulled wine of the season... medicinal, of course. I also had a lovely surprise in the post of some wonderful RMR trainer tags, a gift from my parents as a "well done" for achievements of late. I am absolutely over the moon with these. I've already popped them on my laces and look forward to taking them out for a run soon.

I've got a visitor this weekend which I'm very excited about. Luckily this visitor is also a runner so I'm planning a run to the forest and back after which we'll be in need of a good lunch and some chill out time. Can. Not. Wait. But tonight I am babysitting and using the time to write Christmas cards. Not a bad way to spend a Friday.

Have you succumbed to a Christmas cold yet? What's the advice on swimming with a cold? 

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