Friday, 19 December 2014

Surely That's Not The Right Date?

I'm careering towards Christmas at the moment in a mildly out of control and slightly panicky fashion. Ordinarily by now I'd find things slowing down a little. All cards would be written and sent, presents would be sitting neatly wrapped under the tree and I'd be curled up on the sofa smugly drinking damson gin and finding daft Christmas songs to listen to. But no. Not this year. I'm still training five or six days a week. I've missed the posting deadline for some cards, my lounge is festooned with paper, ribbon and bows that haven't yet made it onto the gifts they're intended for and I'm consulting my diary every half hour to see what I'm meant to be doing next. I can't wait until the 24th when I travel back to my parents' for Christmas. Lots of eating and relaxing. No having to go anywhere or do much of anything. I'm looking forward to Christmas more this year than I think I have for some years, possibly just for the rest!

It's been a fun week overall though. I got a visit from Bear at the weekend which was ace. Can't remember the last time I spent so much time sat on my sofa, or ate so much brownie and ice cream. Of course we went for a run too, because that's the sort of thing that you have to do when in the presence of another runner, even if his HR zone 1-2 is your HR zone 4-5... but remarkably the majority of conversation was about music and I've been digging out long-forgotten albums to listen to ever since.
We had our last RunFitUK session before Christmas this week and it was arguably the best one yet. My confidence with planning sessions has increased so much in the last three weeks and as a result it was possibly the toughest session to date but everyone worked really hard and left with smiles.

I'm squeezing in my own runs at lunch times, putting off swims because of a streaming nose and parading my RunFitUK t-shirt around in the gym on my cycle sessions. And thank goodness I am still training because the number of cakes, mince pies and chocolates in my presence has spiraled out of control and I only have so much will power.

If you're not yet feeling in the Christmas spirit might I suggest a trip to Kew Gardens? They have a Christmas trail at the moment with beautiful illuminations set to music, old fashioned rides, storytellers and marshmallow toasting opportunities for kids young and old alike. I went with mum and dad and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. I had my first mulled wine of the season and tried mulled sloe gin. I'm converted. We stopped in at the pub next to the station for drinks and nibbles before heading home. There are many reasons why it's a lovely pub but I discovered it serves beer bats and really after that nothing else mattered.
Toasted peppermint marshmallow!
Vikki + beer bat = Very Happy Vikki
This weekend I'll be continuing a Roberts' Christmas tradition of seeing Status Quo in concert with the added bonus of support from Chas & Dave (do not judge me!). I wear a sports bra when I go to a Quo gig because I jump around so much. Little insight for you there. I'll also be parkrunning and taking part in the Greenwich Park Christmas 10k. There may be tinsel, there will be mince pies. Lots to look forward to.

Oh yes and I'll also be starting another module, the final module, of my diploma - Exercise Referral for Health Management. I have seven weeks to read and learn the contents of a folder that is 7cm thick. Hahahahaha!

What are your weekend plans? In the Christmas spirit or sucking humbugs?

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