Monday, 15 December 2014

Vegetarian? Need a Quick Meal? Try Quorn.

Disclaimer: I was sent vouchers to try a selection of quorn products of my choosing for free in return for writing a review. All opinions are my own.

Much as I love cooking from scratch, which is what I do most nights even though it's just myself to feed, there are times when I need something quick. Something quick that isn't toast or cake or peanut butter from the jar. As a nice change from pasta and pesto I have found the Quorn Chef's Selection Thai Curry.
A pack claimed to serve two and take just eight minutes to cook from frozen. I was a bit dubious. How tasty would this really be? Surely it would be high cal? Half a pack contains just 253kcal and it really does take just eight minutes. All you need to add is a little water and fry it off on the hob. There was a good mix and amount of vegetables. A portion can be bulked out with some rice noodles or a microwavable pouch of rice for a decent size meal. 
Fresh from the packet
The end result looked perfectly appetising and yes it is very tasty. I've saved my other portion for lunch at work. I tried the Thai Green Curry but Quorn also do a Thai Red Curry. You'll find both in the freezer aisle of the bigger supermarkets and it's a better thing to have on stand by than a pizza.
I haven't used Quorn products regularly for a long time but I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the new products and ranges they have brought out recently.

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