Friday, 23 January 2015

HIIT & Run (& Swim)

In the last seven days I have been to HIIT and kettlebell classes, swum twice and run approximately 26 miles. Some of that was at the Lakeside Canal Run, some at my 70th parkrun, some on the treadmill and some on the roads around my office. I've also seen two films at the cinema so I think that counts as a balanced week.

In case you're wondering I saw The Theory of Everything (beautiful film) and Taken 3 (first 1/3rd is mostly people being served drinks and not drinking them, second 1/3rd is mostly a big car chase and the last 1/3rd third is mostly people getting shot). I also saw a wonderful sunrise. That tops almost any film.
Luckily swimming seems to be the one thing I can reliably get up early for, even on a cold Monday morning. I made the effort to get a bit of practise in but trying to practise tumble turns in a public session isn't the easiest. I did get to feel virtuous for the rest of the day though. I had lesson number three yesterday in which I was praised for my progress with tumbles.

Wednesday was a tough day. I felt as though I'd been trampled by a herd of buffalo but somehow managed to disengage my brain enough to do my 90 minute run and HIIT class. The HIIT and kettlebell classes weren't part of my training plan but I'll soon be teaching both so wanted to get some more experience under my belt. I'd not actually done a HIIT class before and I'm a little rusty with the bells so I'll be getting as many of these under my belt as possible and practising at home in the next 4-5 weeks. I'm also trying to make Very Important Decisions about gym branded clothing. There are so many options, tech/non-tech, colours, weights... Although it seems the cool pups are wearing navy this season.
I forget that this happens with kettlebells
The gym dog being cute.
Unfortunately parkrun 71 won't be run this weekend, I just won't have time to fit that in as well as my bike session before social plans need to be met. Indeed there are plenty of fun and exciting things afoot this weekend. Meetings, lunch and dinner plans with friends and another afternoon hanging out with my favourite 14-year-old.

Oh yes and I've also been studying. It's fair to say that I'm finding this module, Exercise Referral, the toughest yet. I've had to take myself out of the house to avoid distractions in order to get through all the reading and Waitrose's cafe with free hot drink has really come into it's own!
Study aid.
So that's my week. Maybe I'll manage a rest day soon! Where do you go to avoid distraction? Seen any good films lately?

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  1. I wanna go see the theory of everything. will give taken 3 a miss. how did you fit so much into a week?! haha! good work on the swimming! I now have a membership for a gym with a pool and swimfit classes so i'm planning on upping my pool time as I need to master the breathing thing asap! ...I always get distracted! no tips for that! but also love the waitress free hot opposite where i teach...and when I teach on caffeine...hahaha! ;) x