Monday, 5 January 2015

New Toys! My RunFitUK Equipment Bag

So this week it's back to the day job and back to coaching RunFitUK in Bracknell. I have loved the sessions so far and I'm really looking forward to making it bigger and better as the weeks progress.

Of course it's the people that make these what they are; I've got a fantastic group and it seems that the harder I make it, the more they enjoy it. To a point of course, as long as there's a fun element! In weeks gone by we've had chocolate relays, the discovery of "pirate faces" and some hilarity pretending to be reindeer. And all this with minimal kit. There's an awful lot you can do to improve strength, agility and balance without equipment but it's fun to ring the changes.

To that end I've taken advantage of the equipment pack hire for RunFitUK coaches and I've got a some lovely new toys for my group. I've got batons, ropes, resistance bands, cones and wobble boards! Now of course there are some very obvious ways to include these in the sessions but I'm looking forward to coming up with some more unusual ways too... bound to be more fun!
Brace yourselves gang!


  1. Looks fun! What is the red rope for?!

    1. That's a longer resistance band. I may well be using that tonight in the balance section.