Friday, 16 January 2015

Tea, Tumbles and Anticipation

It's been one of those weeks that's felt never-ending and far too short all at the same time. The weekend, wonderful as it was seems all too far away now. Which is a shame as it was a particularly good one. On Saturday, after a blustery parkrun and a 90 minute bike session in the gym, I took my dad for a "Gentleman's Afternoon Tea" at the Athenaeum up in London. Definitely reclaimed any lost calories from the morning.
His first course
Mine! All mine!
It's been a bit of an easier week this week in terms of training... not that it might look that way from the numbers! But I'm racing at the weekend and so it's mostly been front loaded (although I'll probably sneak in parkrun on Saturday morning). I have an ambition of getting to 100 parkruns before the end of the year. I've done 69 so far (stop giggling at the back) so I reckon it's pretty achievable.
Rocking the sleepy windswept look after parkrun.
In the last seven days I've run 27.75 miles, cycled approximately 30 miles on the stationary bike and had my second swimming lesson. The half dozen guys in the next lane, although they thought they were the biz, were splashing about like nobody's business. It was all I could do not to suggest they join our class... But in terms of my own swimming, I'm feeling a lot more able with crawl already and have managed tumble turns in the shallow end without cracking my head. I'm going to make the effort to practice during the week but it'll be tricky as I'm working away from my usual office for two days and as yet I've no idea what my training will look like as my coach hasn't yet loaded up my next set and it's been driving me nuts! I'm a planner, I have several things I want to get booked up but I need to know what I've got to work around.

In lieu of Tough Guy I've been trying to enter the London Winter Run but the discount code I have won't work with the entry system despite Human Race insisting it's still valid. As I'm now classed as a late entry the price is fairly high for a 10k (snow zones aside) and so I'm pretty keen to save few quid! I just hope they can sort it soon. On the subject of races, the responses from my poll on Monday about whether I should enter another three ranged from "all of them" to "the free one" and included a concern that I might have to actually drop out of some I'm already doing. Not if I can help it! I think I will be taking on the Leith Hill Half and will probably discuss the others with my coach. If I had to choose between the 10k and the triathlon I'd pick the triathlon.

So that's been my week. Tempo run to do today and a quiet weekend. What achievement has made you happy this week?

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