Monday, 12 January 2015

Requesting Your Opinion On My Race Plans

As I mentioned in my post on Friday, I had a hard time making the decision to postpone Tough Guy. Alex and I haven't decided when we'll tackle it but I imagine it'll be October time. But even though I've postponed the event I will still be racing that day, in the London Winter Run, which I'd wanted to do but of course couldn't. This also has the added bonus of being a race that a lot of people I know are taking part in and I get a rare chance to meet up with a good friend.

The decision to run the London Winter Run was a pretty easy one but I've also got my eye on three other races and I'm not sure whether to enter them or not. I'd like your advice please!

My current list of events is as follows:
January - Lakeside Canal Run
April - Brighton Marathon (my "A" race)
June - Endure24, Dinton Aquathlon
July - Ultra12
September - Tiree Ultra, Marathon du Medoc, Equinox24
October - (Tough Guy)

I'm also considering the Leith Hill Half (March), Royal Berkshire 10k (May), Bridge Triathlon (standard distance June). I would get free entry into the Leith Hill Half because I marshaled last year and I had my eye on the Royal Berkshire 10k last year. I've not yet got a triathlon in the diary this year and it would be nice to test out my hopefully improved swimming and cycling skills.

So, the question is... which should I do? All of them? Some of them? Or none of them? Discuss.


  1. I feel like for sept you'll definitely have to cut out some? otherwise that is a KNACKERING September. Theres no real recovery built in between big distances, esp with October race too.

    1. September is *always* knackering for me, it's when all my races seem to converge! I'm not going to be racing them all and I do seem to recover pretty quickly so I'm just sort of hoping. I know it's not a sensible month though!