Monday, 13 April 2015

Compression Socks and Recovery

As I sit here recovering from the Brighton marathon I thought I'd share an article with you that was posted on the RunFitUK Facebook group a while ago relating to compression socks and recovery. RunFitUK has close ties with the Run Mummy Run group who are fairly well known, not only for their supportive nature but also the compression socks. 

Many's the time I've recognised a fellow member of the group by the socks, but I don't own any myself. Actually I do own a set of compression sleeves but I only wear them on rare occasions. However, the paper presents some very interesting findings around whether wearing compression socks for 48 hours after marathon running can improve functional recovery.


Significant improvement in functional recovery was found in the group who DID wear compression socks compared to the control group. So for those of us planning races only weeks apart (like I used to) the finding are very relevant. Now there's an excuse for buying some properly funky socks...
Image from Run Mummy Run
Do you wear compression socks or sleeves already? Do you feel the benefits?

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