Monday, 27 April 2015

Getting Active in Bracknell Forest

My attention was recently drawn to an article in the Southwark News that suggests that the council will be charging personal trainers for using public parks. Although I can *sort* of see the logic behind it my over riding thought is that it's just one more barrier to getting people active.

I feel incredibly lucky to live in an area where the council takes such a great interest in public health and in encouraging people to get active. We have a huge range of facilities, both privately- and council-run and lots of green space. Of course it's one thing to have these facilities and quite another to ensure people are aware of them. I started to investigate the range of activities myself in my Berkshire Fitness Scene series, something I'd like to pick up again some time.

As a step towards raising awareness and encouraging people to get active, I've contributed to an article for Bracknell Forest Council touching on how it's never too late to get active and how it's key to find the right activity for you. Too many people have a misconception that exercise begins and ends in the gym. I even managed to get in a mention of RunFitUK! There's also input from the director of our brand new Bracknell parkrun.

The article does have a bias towards running but this is more due to editing and the coincidence that Bracknell parkrun is new to the scene. I'm delighted to be in discussion with BFC about a pilot scheme for encouraging those who are new to or hesitant about exercise and excited to be looking at different pathways through the scheme that aren't just running related. Early days but watch this space!
How do you rate the sports, recreational and keep fit activities in your area? What's your favourite, that little gem that you wish more people knew about? Do you feel that your council do enough to promote healthy living?

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