Friday, 3 April 2015

No Rest For The Wicked (Except on Wednesday)

After returning from Iceland late last Thursday I was straight into the thick of things at the weekend. I had a great time helping out with preparing goody bags with Barnes fitness on Friday night, chatting, dancing to some old skool tunes on the radio and munching on pizza.
Many hands make light work
Saturday started with an early morning PT session followed by parkrun and then a trip to Dover to visit my cousin, his wife and their little girl who is soon to be my Godchild! We had a lovely afternoon together, walking the dogs in the drizzle, descending on a local tea room and watching Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (bizarre film). We even talked health and fitness as they've just bought a cross-trainer.
Sky and Grace. Grace lengthened my arm by about 3 inches
Getting slightly lost on our walk, trying to take a "shortcut"
I didn't get home until about 11:30pm and was up at 6:30 (BST) on Sunday to help out at Dinton Duathlon. The weather hadn't caught on to the fact it was now BST though and it was a windy, drizzly day but that didn't stop the competitors turning out and giving it their all. Once again I got to meet some more lovely people who were marshaling but ultimately it was the competitors themselves that were the stars of the day. I had just as much admiration, if not more, for those at the back of the pack as those at the front.
What all the best dressed marshals are wearing this season.
I managed to squeeze in a long-ish run on the treadmill (avoiding the weather) before heading to London to meet my folks for a cracking evening at Ronnie Scott's for the Blues Explosion featuring Paddy Milner and Marcus Bonfanti among other notable musicians. If you like Blues music and you aren't familiar with these guys you really should take a moment to check them out. How I managed to stay awake on the way home I don't know!
The rest of the week has been relatively routine with a lighter training load and even a proper honest-to-god rest day on Wednesday. I will admit to turning up early for teaching and being quite envious that I couldn't join in with the boxing class nor my own kettlebells class. Thems the breaks. No cycling this week but 33 miles run over 6 sessions and my swim lesson. Doesn't actually sound like much of a taper when it's written down but it's not felt arduous.

I've got a beautifully quiet weekend ahead with just light marshal duties, a couple of light runs and a dog walk. I intend to try my best to keep it that way! Next weekend is the Brighton Marathon. Oh how that's snuck up on me. I've made plans with friends and family, ordered the iron on letters and have started to think about my packing list. I'm currently more excited than anxious and long may that last. If you haven't sponsored me yet and could do so I'd be really grateful. Just head over to Thanks!

What are you up to over Easter? Low key or doing as much as possible?

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