Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Killing Time Before Brighton

How nice was the Bank Holiday weekend in England for once?! Ok we got a bit of rain of Friday but Sunday and Monday were rather glorious and restful for me, for a change. So much of a change I feel compelled to write about it.

My Friday morning was given over to marshal duties whilst Saturday was a nice mix of volunteering at the first Bracknell parkrun (seeing lots of familiar faces and meeting the Mayor), running, dog walking and a few drinks for a friends' birthday.

But of course I'm on taper at the moment and as such the vast swathes of time I had at my disposal on Sunday and Monday could not be filled with hours of running. I did get out for a pre-breakfast 30 minute recovery run on Easter Sunday though. I decided to do a few laps of the lake in the nature reserve behind my house. It's only about three quarters of a mile round so don't run there generally but it's beautiful and I don't even go walking round there as much as I should. Although I did spend a very happy evening sitting on a bench looking over the lake with my ex-housemate and a bottle of wine once.
I had breakfast outside for the first time this year and spent the rest of the day eating more HCBs (toasted with cheese for lunch - really good) making bunting from some of my dads old shirts and watching the last episodes of Breaking Bad.
I got really restless though; I'm not used to having no plans! I pottered around on the allotment on Monday and got home just in time to meet the ice cream van...
Then I took myself back to the lake with a book and sat in the sun on a tree stump ,feeling very Tom Sawyer. A late lunch in the sun was followed by a snooze and an evening of cooking, baking and the cinema. It was absolute bliss I tell you, although I really, really wanted to run on Monday. I did get out at lunchtime yesterday though for a gentle hours jog in the sun and I've got lots of energy in my legs so I suppose it's all working.

Yes I'm wearing a daisy chain headband... what of it?
Spare moments were spent keeping up to date with how friends and notable celebs are doing in MdS. I'm not sure if MdS is distracting me from Brighton or the other way around!

How was your Easter weekend? Did you get active or chill out? Anyone else on taper finding they're disproportionately hungry at the moment?

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