Friday, 15 May 2015

All I Can Remember Is Running And Lunching

I'm writing this at 10:30pm on Thursday night. I'm both tired and mildly hyped up on hot chocolate and mochas. Last weekend feels like a very long time ago!

But what a great weekend it was. I spent Saturday marshalling the Uber Swim at Dinton Pastures and then having a long lunch with a friend. The day was rounded off with a lovely late evening run in the sunshine and then staying up far too late looking at race entries. I was half hoping that Bracknell Half Marathon had on-the-day entries but thankfully they didn't. I'd have been a mess and I wouldn't have been able to have cheered everyone on in the final mile. There were so many people I knew! Several people from BoxBellFit where I teach and also Dean, my nearest Team Bear member, who I'd never met before. I gave him a big cheer and an unintentionally stinging high five. I got quite a lot of race envy, not least because the medal was wonderful.

Cheering duties done I met my ex-housemate, Anita, for a run followed by lunch and then headed out for a second run around the woods near home, sussing out a route with a view to leading a group around there later in the week.
Sunday Lunch
Wednesday and Thursday have been my longest days by far, up at 5:30 both mornings and busy until late in the evening. Wednesday started with teaching and finished with the woodland run in the evening. A hilly route made manageable with good company and some lovely warm sunshine. By contrast I was joined by no one on the 6:30am run I'd arranged on Thursday, possibly because it clashed with a kettle bell class rather than the time in general. Still, I ran anyway, to practice running on tired legs, and was at my desk by 7:30am. After a day in the office I spent the evening marshalling for the first in the Dinton 5 & 10k series. It was a rather rainy evening but there was still a huge turn out and lots of on-the-day entrants. I've enjoyed taking part in these in previous years and it's a joy to be involved whether I'm running or not. It was a busy sort of evening though hence making it through until 10pm on coffee and chocolate.

Somehow I've managed to clock up just shy of 25 miles of running this week including some very purposeful sessions. It's not been exactly what I was meant to do, according to my coach's prescription, but as my plan to attempt a 10k PB at a race this weekend has changed I suppose it doesn't matter. I will try and attempt the distance on my own and see what I can manage. No swimming for me this week as my course of lessons finished and I've not gone of my own accord but I'm planning to go back to the Tri Club sessions next Friday, other plans permitting.

I may not be awake when this post goes live... forgive me, but I'm going to take the opportunity to have a lie in!

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