Monday, 18 May 2015

Get My Mojo Working : Run Or Dye

In the interests of disclosure, in return for sharing a discount code and writing this post to promote the event I will be given a free place in a Run or Dye event this year. Thank you.

I've been looking over my race calendar for the remainder of the year and I've realised that I've got four fairly significant events in as many weekends in September. I never intended for that but Things Happened. Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to each and every one but I know that I'll need to be something fun and relaxed afterwards to get my mojo working again.
Which is exactly why I've got my eye on the Run or Dye series. Back in 2013 (no way! really?) I took part in The Colour Run and LOVED it but this year I'm going to sign up for Run or Dye instead. In essence the events are very similar; you run/walk/dance around the 5k course, get covered in eco-friendly, plant-based powdered dye every kilometer and get to party on down at the Finish Festival.
I know from experience that these events are not races, not really even runs, they are experiences and very inclusive ones at that. It's all about having fun so it's a great event to do with friends or family regardless of fitness level. There are numerous events across the UK throughout the year so there's bound to be one near you. Visit to see where the parties are! Entry is £27.50 (kids 6 and under are FREE!), but you can get £3 off your entry fee by using the code KISDISCOUNT.
You could argue that this is pricey for a 5k but consider the organisation involved and that Run or Dye is also an event with a heart. The organisers have been inviting the public to nominate worthwhile causes that are in need of some colour; whether that’s repainting the local playground, creating a bright and exciting mural for a community space or simply arranging for a bunch of blooms to be delivered to someone in need. Unfortunately, nominations are now closed but Run or Dye will be selecting a number of those in need close to the UK Run or Dye event locations so keep a look out for extra colour in your locality.

If you're still not sure just how much fun these events can be, check out the video below! Maybe I'll see you there...

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