Friday, 8 May 2015

That Friday Feeling... On Thursday?

A Bank Holiday weekend throws me at the best of times. That Monday feeling on a Tuesday? Wait, it's Friday already? What? But this weekend was even more confusing than usual.

Last Friday was fine. I'd done a full week in the office and headed to Guildford to meet fellow Team Bear member, Patrick, for the first time ahead of his 2Swim4Life event at which I was supporting; I've met very few people on the team and sometimes it feels a bit like Pokemon (gotta catch 'em all!). Saturday and Sunday melded together a bit as I alternated 4 hour shifts poolside to help ensure Patrick was warm, rested, watered and fed between miles for 24 hours. It was a brilliant event to be part of and gave me an introduction into the swimming community, which is very different to the running community. I felt out of place without a bobble hat or a dry robe and concluded that they are all a little bit bonkers, in the nicest possible way. That said there's a very strong possibility I'll be persuaded into some swimming events in the next year or so.
Proper old-school towelling robe!
So I headed home from Guildford lido not entirely sure if it was Saturday or Sunday (goodness only knows what day it felt like to Patrick) only to discover that the sniffle and itchy throat I'd been trying to keep at bay with copious amounts of ginger tea was fast developing into a full blow cold which tethered me to the sofa and required a sick day on Tuesday. But I did watch a heck of a lot of House of Cards and got ahead on my session planning.
Guildford Lido at night
I worked from my sofa on Wednesday and by the afternoon felt up to tackling my training run. Thursday was business as usual. At least I think it was Thursday. My entire schedule was off track! I had to skip two runs this week but still managed to clock up 13 miles and a swim so I'm happy with that, especially as 4 of those miles were decent paced trail miles.

This weekend I'm helping out at another swimming event, the Uber Swim at Dinton, and socialising with some friends I've not seen in far too long. Bring on the brunch!

Have you ever found yourself immersed in a very different sporting community on occasion? Did the Bank Holiday help or hinder your training?

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