Friday, 1 May 2015

Forgetting How To Eat Elephants

This has been an especially loooong week. My day job has had me commuting to Newbury every day and having to make some quick get aways in order to make classes leaving precious little time to train. I've managed to squeeze a few things in though.
Banoffee Cupcakes
Saturday was a great day. Double run! I did parkrun in the morning then dashed home to make cupcakes for mum's birthday before taking her for a gliding lesson and then to Glow In The Park in the evening. On Monday I took part in the HIIT class that follows the metafit session I teach then I had a really nice 5 mile trot. Last night I had a bit of a play with kettle bells before leading the first training run with some of the team for Endure24. It was a pretty easy pace but around fields and my feet feel a teeny bit bruised now but I loved it all the same. I will confess I had little inclination to swim so I skipped it. I also skipped one of my training runs due to time but in totally I've run 15 miles and done some S&C work so it's not bad.
Optimistic for her first gliding lesson...
I had a real wobble mid week due to tiredness and feeling overwhelmed. I was putting too much pressure on myself to achieve things when I knew I really just needed to relax in the odd bits of time I had available. Instead of being kind to myself I did a few things half heartedly and felt horrible for it. But a bit of journalling, some texts to a friend and a glass or fizz and I felt a bit better.  It's hard to eat well when you're tired. I've been craving jam donuts and chocolate but instead of succumbing, have just eaten more in general.

Work will settle down next week and my teaching timetable changes, which makes my weeks a little easier for a while, although it's been the teaching that's really helped me through the last few days. I always leave feeling happy and energised. The next three months are going to be a little strange, some of you already know why, but also very exciting. More on that in due course, but I will sometimes need the odd nudge to look after myself and take things a step at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. I'm looking at you!
Whenever I feel down, I shall look at this
This weekend I'm supporting Patrick in his 2swim4life efforts and then catching up on some runs and rest. I'm really looking forward to Sunday and Monday being kind of free of plans. Hurrah for Bank Holidays! 

How do you cope when you're overwhelmed? Got any active plans for the Bank Holiday weekend?

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