Monday, 29 June 2015

Internet Findings : June

I've not posted one of these round ups for a little while but that doesn't mean there hasn't been a whole host of articles that have piqued my interest. Here's a selection...

Chrissie Wellington writes about body image in triathlon and sports. This sparked a lot of conversation in Team Bear!

As a vegetarian and consumer of soy I found this article on soy and it's health implications, especially with regards to cancer and whether it's preventative or not. A well balanced article, although not definitive. Moderation and quality seem to be key here. There's plenty of further reading to be found at the bottom of the article too.

This list of What I Promise To Teach My Daughter about body image made my heart ache a bit. Aspirational, certainly.

Need a pick me up? Shia LaBeouf gives an intense motivational speech!

Very interesting article from Runner's World about Fatigue in Men & Women. It seems that we do fatigue differently but we're a long way from understanding these differences.

Did you read any of these articles? Any other related articles I should read?

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