Friday, 19 June 2015

Recovering and Refocusing

Welcome to another weekend! I think I'm still slightly on a high from Endure24... or it might just be all the sugar I've eaten this week. Oops.
Marvellous cakes from one of my RunFitUK group
The effect that Endure24 had on me wasn't quite what I expected. I found myself needing a lot more sleep and to be significantly hungrier than I had been after Equinox24, even though my eating and sleeping pattern was essentially the same. I guess that's just how it goes sometimes.

But I didn't suffer aches and pains thanks to Georgina's wonderful massages so I was able to crack on with teaching on Monday. Needless to say I didn't see anyone from the weekend in class on Monday! I did get to teach an additional circuits class for Barnes Fitness though which I really enjoyed. A different vibe from Box Bell Fit but still great fun.

I've only run twice this week since Endure24, once for hill reps and one longer easy paced run, a total of 34.5 miles if you add in Endure24, so overall a good volume. I was meant to do a bike set too but technical difficulties meant I missed the opportunity. I've not fallen out of love with running by any means but I'll confess I've been having a minor internal battle about what my goals and motivations are now and whether to continue with external coaching. I think I'm close to a resolution.
Just some of the 3.5kg of strawberries I picked from the allotment.
Hoping they'll offset the cake...
I've still got lots of events still to come this year but unfortunately one less than planned as next week's Dinton Aquathlon has been cancelled. Only nine people entered so cancelling it was really the only sensible option. It wouldn't have felt like much of an event. It is a pity though. The moral is, don't leave it to the last minute to sign up to events, especially local ones. Support local sports!

This weekend I'm taking a Boxercise Instructor course and doing some event planning; both things I'm very excited about. I'll hopefully be able to share more about the event next week but it has spurred me to get some branded t-shirts made up. I feel so smart in these!

Looking the part?
Have you ever entered an event that then got cancelled? How did you refocus? Have a great weekend all!

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