Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Vik's Picks : June 2015

I really enjoyed putting together my "picks" list last month so I've decided to make it a more regular feature here. Once again I'm highlighting a selection of products that I've used and loved in the past month. Something for everyone I think!
1. I've been aware of the brand Tribesports for sometime and lusted after the kit. I finally got to try some on at the Brighton Marathon expo and bought two pairs of the double-layer shorts and a t-shirt but only this month have I been wearing them to work out in. I love the understated but quality design, cuts and colours.

2. My go-to cook book this month has been Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's Light & Easy. I'm a fan of simple but delicious recipes and at this time of year I'm craving lighter dishes. The breakfast section is well-thumbed now with the rhubarb and orange smoothies, honey baked rhubarb and morning tea slices being firm favourites already. I'll be diving into the lunch section a little more next month I think.

3. Yes I featured a nut butter last month but Pip & Nut's Coconut Almond Butter has stormed into the top spot here. The coconut makes this extra special and is runny enough to be drizzled on strawberries and muesli or porridge at breakfast (my current favourite combo). It's not the cheapest but it's worth it!

4. As the weather's warmed up the item I grab for all my runs, after my trainers and Garmin, is my Halo Sweatband. It keeps my hair out of my face and diverts the sweat away from my eyes. The Running Bug are holding a competition to win two of them so try your luck!

5. You may think it's the time for iced lemonades and Pimms but I'm still in a chai mood. Specifically, teapigs chilli chai. the hint of chilli in this gives me a real pick me up and I've been turning to this instead of coffee on my early mornings.

What new products have you tried this month? Have you rediscovered an old favourite?

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  1. Oh wow! The coconut and almond butter sounds insanely good. I'll definitely be on the look out for that.