Friday, 12 June 2015

Preparing to Endure and Trying to Relax

Today I'm off to Endure24!! The event doesn't start until tomorrow but as we've four teams of eight entered from BoxBellFit a group of us are heading over today to claim an area to camp in. There have been a few days this week when I've wondered how I'd have the strength or stamina to manage the event because it's so much more than just the running; there's the set up, social aspect and lack of sleep. Then finding time to pack, wondering what to take to eat (I'll probably supplement with food there but I don't like to rely on these things)...
Team Tops!
Credit: Anna Plumridge
I've run 20 miles over four sessions this week, my last being on Wednesday morning. I should be feeling rested but my mind has been constantly "on" for most of the last 7 days and it has left me feeling exhausted. It started on Friday when the This Girl Can Ambassadors meeting with Get Berkshire Active got me buzzing with ideas of things to do and try. This continued into Saturday with the Wokingham Triathlon festival, my own 90 minute run in the afternoon and then teaching on Sunday morning.

A dash to London to meet my dad was rewarded with the most epic lunch I've ever had. It lasted me a full 24 hours! It was a wonderful relaxing afternoon but I got stuck into a book on Personal Training when I got home and my mind buzzed again.
Wednesday night was my opportunity for packing and making food for Endure24 as I was on race duty at Barnes Fitness last night. Dinner, glass of wine, a step back from social media and several episodes of The Moomins was apparently what it took to finally quieten my mind and r-e-l-a-x. And certainly no reading before bed! Thinking about my career change I can see how important it's going to be to set aside specific time for reading, for social media and for relaxation. And to stick to it!
All set!
Team flapjacks
But back to Endure24 for a moment. I'm hoping to do 5 laps and get a bit of sleep here and there. There's some rain forecast but it certainly won't stop play. There are quite a lot of people I know going, aside from my team so hopefully I'll be able to find them and say hello. All in all it should be fun and I'll report back, of course, next week.

Whatever you're doing this weekend, have fun!

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