Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Today I ache. A lot. I went for a walk on Monday afternoon with a group of friends who are doing a sponsored walk from Maidenhead to Brighton onver 3 days next Bank Holiday weekend. I thought this was a fine way to start practicing walking longer distances and try out some of my new kit. I was right but it also served to show me what my body is capable of. I made it round the 13ish miles but my legs started to complain in the last mile or two. The last time I covered that sort of distance was the Henley Half Marathon. Today the tops of my legs ache despite the stretches and hot bath last night.

Good news is that while my legs are knackered, my feet are fine. One small blister on my left heel and that's it. I put this down to the x-socks. I didn't have my new boots so I wore my old timberlands which usually rub a bit. Rucksack was comfortable (Shruti and I bought matching ones Saturday), camelbak worked a treat and trousers were very comfy too.

It was a lovely walk though, around Maidenhead and Cookham, taking in the scenery and Mayday Fair. Would do it again in a heartbeat which is fortunate as I'm going to have to be doing a lot more of that. I was lucky this time in as much as I didn't have to plan the route, someone else was leading but I've found that the AA website and Real Buzz have some useful route planning tools and pre defined routes with difficulty ratings, timings etc.

Not sure I'll get a good walk in next weekend but being hardcore I'm going to the gym tonight. I think my legs might just be able to handle it...

Oh and some news on the donations refund front which I'll email the people concerned about. Still no news on the new charity front but I'm hoping end of the week will bring good news. Peace out.

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