Thursday, 17 September 2009

Surprising myself

Seeing as I've accidentally gotten myself into running a half marathon on October 11th I've had to do some training focussing on running. The past two evenings I've been going to the gym with the sole purpose of running. The first evening it'd been tipping down with rain all day and although I've run in rain before, I didn't really fancy it then so treadmill it was. I amazed myself by running for 60 minutes solid without getting especially tired or puffed out. I'd have liked to have gone a bit longer but the machine times out at 60 minutes and I thought that was more than my fair turn.

Attempted the same last night with reasonable success. I had to slow once or twice towards the end as my right knee started to get painful, something that happens occasionally, but otherwise I was thrilled. My pace is about 9.5kph. Obviously I need to be running for about 2 hours at this speed at least and outside before the day but I'm optimistic. Having a day off today due to the knee but should be able to fit a run in before I go off on hols. There's a plan to do some rambling during the week and I'll be doing lots of physical work so I won't cease up. Feels good to be able to justify the cake I've been eating and to feel muscles aching from running that I've never felt before. All helps with the endurance aspect of my training.

Bit worried that Shruti's disappeared off the face of the earth this week... we've got Ben Nevis to organise and I can't do it without her.

Finally, I got a £20 donation from a very kind gent who reads the parish magazine yesterday so if you're reading, many thanks indeed!

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  1. You seem to take on a lot of physical challenges accidentally, if I recall, Kili wasn't exactly planned!