Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Bunnies in bags and Grim Challenges

I just had to point you in the direction of JogBlog's post today (note, those who are especially fond of Bunnies may find this upsetting). I love her writing style which makes me laugh almost every time.

I hadn't realised that she was also doing Grim Challenge (which I need to do a bit more training for) so you never know, I might see her there.

This weekend I've got the Pine Ridge 10k. I should be ok. I've done one of my new super-brutal gym workouts this week already and I'm headed for a double whammy of gym classes today plus one more tomorrow. Awesomeness!


  1. Love your blog, you would definately be into a race I am doing called the Spartan Race

  2. Thanks skilegap! I just checked out the Spartan Race... that looks brilliant! I've put my name on the notification list for the London one next year.