Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Paris Je T'aime... peut-être

Yesterday I secured my place in the Paris Half Marathon! I was quite nervous about whether or not I’d get a spot, not knowing how popular the race is or how quickly places sell out. I was also nervous that I'd mis-interpret something incorrectly, miss out an important part of the process or do something to get disqualified before I even got to the start line, mostly because of the language barrier; despite the website offering an English translation my experience is that these are sometimes muddled.

I realise that announcing my challenge before having all the events booked was slightly risky but I was too excited to hold back once I had my London Marathon place confirmed.

So at 9am I loaded the Paris Half website, saw it wasn't open for registration until 11am so went off and made some tea (and did some work). I got the time differences wrong and got a bit panicked thinking I'd miss out but aside from probably spending 5 euros on insurance I wasn't sure I needed everything else seems to have gone smoothly. I already know my bib number and have printed off the medical certificate template for my doctor to sign. That's the major difference I've found so far with races outside of the UK, you need a medical certificate. 

Anyway, t'is done! In my usual impatient fashion I've downloaded the route and start maps and a bit nearer the time I'll have to arrange travel, accommodation and book the time off work. My godmother and her husband live in France, in the Loire Valley, and have already said that they'll come and spend the time in Paris with us (me, OH, mum and dad) which will make the whole thing even more of an event and mean I have loads of support on the day. I really can't wait.

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