Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Events: more details

Why, you may ask, have I chosen to do many events rather than just one? Well, in part, it’s an excuse to do several things that had been on my “one day” list for a while. I also reason that any of these on their own would be worthy of a strong fundraising target and so by doing them all I hope to raise more than by doing one alone, not least because they cover a range of aspects of fitness, meaning I’ll stretch not only my running abilities but also my currently almost non-existent cycling, swimming and strength abilities.
More specifically my reasons for choosing these events are as follows:
1.       Paris Half Marathon (March 3rd) – Although I’ve completed several half marathons in my time I’ve never competed abroad and would like to break my PB of 2:10.
2.       London Marathon (April 21st) – I’ve never completed a marathon and would love to complete at least one in my life time. This feels like the right time.
3.       Tough Mudder (May 4th) - This will be horrible. I signed up for Tough Guy once and pulled out. These events look amazing and testing in a whole new way to the normal races I do but they do scare me. I’ve been coerced into this by a colleague and a few of us will be taking part and once again, this feels like a good event to add to the challenge.
4.       Eton Sprint Triathlon (May 19th) - I’ve wanted to do a triathlon for about three years. Again, this feels like the right time. 
5.       Great London Swim (May TBC) - The only event I’ve completed before. I took part this year but I would like to be able to complete this using front crawl rather than breaststroke or to at least improve my time.

So there you have it. I think it’s a good variety of challenges but I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. What do you think about the timings? Should I have been more ambitious? What sort of thing would you choose if you were going to raise money for charity?

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