Sunday, 24 February 2013

Back in the game... just!

This week’s training: 9 miles, Body Pump, Body Balance

The past ten days have been horribly frustrating. I took my first sick day in goodness knows how long and worked from home the rest of the week because I didn't think any of my colleagues would like to be around me coughing away constantly. I felt tired, achey and unable to breathe properly for a long time. I don't often get sick so when I do I'm a poor patient, especially at the moment when I'm trying to stick to a schedule. But my mum sent me a care package (mums are great) and I stayed in bed for days and compared sick notes and remedies with @amerbob on twitter, was cheered up but a special "Three From Me" dedication on the Cruising with the Commissioner show on Wireless FM from my aunt, and eventually I've started to feel brighter.

I took the opportunity to paint my nails in readiness for Paris... (sorry if you hate feet)

And got my race pack through for the Cranleigh 21mile race in March (that's 21 miles provided I maintain an 11 minute mile for the first 15).

I managed not get through a body pump class on Friday relatively cough free (taking it slightly easier than usual) and only spluttered during my first body balance class in ages during the parts where we were lying down. It just felt so good to do *something*! OH and I volunteered at parkrun on Saturday morning and I finally got to pick up my 50 t-shirt, which I'm rather proud of. We went to Dorset to visit his mum and go out for lunch and dinner with his brother and sister in law yesterday and stayed over so took a walk on Sandbanks this morning before coming home. Today is my long run day; I was scheduled to do 12 miles having missed out on 14 last week (I'm 25 miles behind in total) so I thought I'd go out and see how far my cough would let me get... answer is at least 9 miles! I did cough quite a bit on the way round and returned cold and achey from the coughing but really happy to have managed that much (11 minute miles if you're interested). I could have gone a bit further but I didn't want to over do things, especially as I was starting to feel an ache in my knee. 

Back in the game! One week until Paris! Can. Not. Wait.

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