Friday, 1 February 2013

New Trainers: Take Two

It was just three weeks ago that I took myself to my local independent sports store and got fitted with a new pair of treads for my training. Well although I really liked them, generally, I found that I was getting pins and needles in the balls of my feet when out running. I tried loosening off the laces but this didn't seem to make a lot of distance so I went back to the shop today to swap them over.

Just like Sweatshop and other large chains my store will change the shoes if they don't work for you. The guy who fitted me before was there today and suspected the shoes were too narrow. The model I had do come in a wider fitting but they didn't have my size so he tried me in two other shoes, the mens version, which I didn't feel quite right in (I'm not loyal to women's shoes if the fit of the mens is better as was the case with my walking boots for Kilimanjaro) and these pretty turquoise and blue ones, which I've ended up with (obviously).

The bright blue Adidas I tried on before were a no go apparently, the fit is narrower than the Brooks. I'm becoming quite fond of Brooks. The have a nifty feature called a "tongue tie" which stops the tongue slipping to one side and the swooshy thing on the side of these actualy has a nice little floral pattern on it. 

I had to pay a little more, £10.05, but was told to "call it £10". You wouldn't get that in Sweatshop, and this is why I'll give my custom to my local store as much as I can. I'll be trying these babies out on a 3 miler later before my long run this weekend. I shall report back!

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