Thursday, 18 April 2013

Final Preparations

This week's training: 7 miles, 2 x Body Pump, 2 x cycling (65 minutes), 1 x swimming (500m)

So... this is it... the last few days before the London Marathon. So what have my preparations been? Well I reduced the number of training sessions very slightly as well as the miles and the week's been front loaded to give my legs a break. I've been eating well, tweaking my playlists and adding a few last minute extra tunes, writing packing lists and making sure all my kit is clean. I've got notes of all sorts of things to write on my hands like water/gel times and where people will be on the route.

Tomorrow, after a photocall at the local paper with the charity and packing everything I can think of that I might need, I'm heading to my parent's in Bexley. It's the perfect base location as I've discovered when I've volunteered on the start line in previous years. My DVD rental package magiced up Chariots of Fire last week so I'm packing that and Run, Fat Boy, Run to watch on Friday and Saturday nights :) I'll be going to the expo on Saturday morning to collect my race number and black ribbon for Boston, look at the stalls and soak up the atmosphere. Then my Aunt will be arriving in the afternoon. I'm terribly excited and nervous. 

I've had lots of good luck messages which have really touched me. I promise to do my best, and I'll be back with a full report early next week!

Finally... a little video that's been getting me revved up:

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