Friday, 12 April 2013

Landmarks and Tapering

This week's training: 19 miles, 2 x Body Pump, 45 minutes cycling, 25 minutes swim (700m)

Posting slightly earlier than usual this week just because I've done all my scheduled training already and am having the weekend off!

I'm in the taper now with just over a week to go until the marathon so my mileage has come right down. I ran a very boring 5 miles on the treadmill early in the week but my other runs have been straight after work both finishing just in time to escape getting rained on - result! There was a final "beginners marathon" session at running club this week which I didn't manage to get to but I've been sent a copy of the slides and am trying to take the advice on board. I only have two short runs next week before the biggie which feels like such a relief but I'm not reducing my other training as my mentor suggests. It shouldn't case me any problems as the week will be pretty front loaded but I have wondered if I should have reduced all my sessions. Oh well que sera sera.

The only training I've been getting excited about are my double or triple sessions in the gym where I do body pump then one or more of swimming, cycling or running. I feel really hardcore when I do these and get a real sense of achievement. The things I've not looked forward to have been dealt with by a "just get out there and do it" attitude and a "don't think about it, just keep going" mantra.

I've STILL not taken to the roads on my bike, prefering the convenience of the stationary bikes in the gym but I MUST do this if not next week then the week after.

My fundraising has had a little spike this week and has finally broken the £1,000 mark! It's simply fantastic and I'm so happy :) I had a little cake sale in the office this week and raised almost £30 and did another email blitz which raised around another £100. People have been so generous and I'm so grateful.

And now I'm off to catch up with some friends in London for the weekend - hurrah!

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