Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Fundraising Update - May

It's been a while since I gave a proper update on my fundraising and given I've just completed my fourth event I think this post is due.

To date I have raised almost £1,400 towards my £3,000 target. I've had a few donations by text and cheque but the total hasn't moved dramatically since the marathon. This is entirely my fault. I've been on a bit of a come down since the marathon and even more so since Tough Mudder, feeling as though my last two challenges are easier, which of course they're not, they're just different, so I haven't been promoting my self or the cause quite so often. This needs to change!

I've vowed to promote myself through facebook and twitter more in the final couple of weeks and ask for retweets where I can. I've had articles in the local papers but not a lot ever comes from these. I've yet to go door-to-door in my neighbourhood so I shall be doing that and I have a collection day booked at the local supermarket which I hope will be as effective as they have been in the past. A couple more bake sales at work won't go amiss either.

I could have perhaps gotten a few more supermarket slots but they're hard to come by these days, and I'd have loved to have run a quiz night with a raffle/auction but I didn't get organised early enough which I regret. There's still the possibility of "topping up " my total by running one of these after the events, when I potentially have more time to organise it but unfortunately I don't expect I'll hit the £3,000 mark.

If anyone has some suggestions for fundraising or can promote me a little on the social networks I'd be very grateful. You'll be helping to raise vital funds; £3,000 runs the support line for an entire year! They're a very small concern and any amount makes a big difference to this charity.

Thank you, as ever for all your support.


  1. How about a raffle at work? Prize could be a 6 pack of wine or something like that?

    Why not run a raffle on this site? I think they use Rafflecopter or some widget like that these days for giveaways, I am sure you could do something like that for raffles.

  2. Ooooooh and you could make and sell jewelery as well as cakes. Maybe take orders for father's day cakes or something like and get the money in advance. The price of the cakes - the cost goes to charity? How about asking people to donate stuff that you could sell off. Stuff that they are not using.

    Do you know, you can try googling if there is a celebrity suffering from Scleroderma and see if they might be able to help and provide some publicity.

  3. Great suggestions hun, thank you! I'm sure I can manage at least one of those.