Thursday, 23 May 2013

In which I wish for DOMS

This week's training: 1200m swim, PT session, 1000m swim, 4 mile run

I realised this morning that I've now completed all the training sessions I'd set myself for the charity challenge. There is nothing left to tick off apart from the final challenge, the swim, and the drinking session afterwards. It's taken me a bit by surprise. I feel a little sad but also really chuffed, and you know there'll be another training plan on the horizon before too long!

On Tuesday I used the pool at one of the sister centres for the first time. The pool was lovely and warm and was marked into slow, medium and fast lanes, none of which were over crowded. The only downsides are that there are no enclosed/private showers and the cleaners seem to insist on cleaning the changing area while everyone's using it instead of before or after hours. This meant having to walk through whatever product they were cleaning the floor with, getting sprayed with the hose under the door of the changing cubicle as they rinsed and having them scrubbing and hosing *around* us as we used the mirrors and hairdryers! I mean seriously - DO IT AFTER HOURS! I don't appreciate having my work clothes sprayed with god knows what! I added to the list of complaints others had left with reception and hope it's taken on board. I used the pool again this morning, same thing.

Yesterday I had my first paid-for Personal Training session. I was going to use one of my membership pack vouchers to get the session for £12 rather than £30 but had a call from the centre during the afternoon touting 50% discounts on PT sessions "for the next hour only" so I booked up a block of ten (which I was going to do anyway) for £100 - bargain! Dave was very enthusiastic about the fact I'd booked up a whole ten... This time I’d opted to have a circuits-based session rather than Dave just supervise my programme. He promised to work me hard I have no DOMS today so I've asked that he work me harder next time. At this point I think he's still getting to know my preferences and limits. Next session arranged for next Friday.

Finally, this evening I met up with @amerbob for a run along the river. I was a bit nervous as it was the first time I'd met up with a twitter friend in real life but I decided to be brave. We escaped the rain and hail and chatted about all sorts. I think the first thing she said to me was about how tall I was... I guess I seem shorter on twitter :) She's lovely and chatty and fun and I'm sorry I'm moving away but hope we can still meet up for more runs.

So a fab week ahead of what promises to be a fun swim on Monday.

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