Monday, 8 July 2013

Aspire Drinks : Trial Verdict

I have reached the end of the Aspire Drinks Challenge that I started two weeks ago. That's 14 days of two drinks a day, keeping tabs on my food, drink, exercise and feelings.

I currently weigh 60.5kg, have a BMI of 19.3% and a body fat rating of 25%. This is what I look like on the final day of the challenge (excuse the tired expression, it was somewhat early when I took these. 

In short it appears to have had the opposite effect than the manufacturers were hoping. I've not lost any weight or size (in fact I appear to have put some on) despite taking the drinks and eating and exercising as I would have normally done. So it's been somewhat disappointing. Last week I wrote about how taking the drinks sometimes made me feel dizzy and faint, which I put down to when I took them. This, unfortunately continued on occasion throughout the second week, despite being more careful about when I took them, with the worst case being last Monday when I had to leave work early and didn't feel able to drive safely.

However, I don't want to dis the product completely. I was aware of it having a reducing effect on my appetite at the beginning of the trial and I would find myself eating the same types of foods but a little less than I would usually, without feeling hungry. I really couldn't say if it lived up to the promise of increasing my metabolism, or if I'd have put on even more weight had I not been taking them. I suspect part of the benefit comes from prompting one to think more carefully about what to eat, drink and do, much like keeping a food diary does. If you're taking something that's meant to assist in weight loss I think you're more likely to think about what you're consuming. 

But ultimately this was not a good product for me. I didn't see any real result and even if I had I''m not sure I'd have felt it worth suffering the effect it had on me. I'm sure it works for some people but I won't be recommending it.

Disclaimer: Although this is not a sponsored post I was sent the drinks to trial free of charge but am under no obligation to write a review, positive or otherwise.

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