Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Have You Turned It Off and On Again?

My phone and I haven’t been seeing eye to eye lately. For the past few months, for no reason I could see, my phone had been gobbling my data allowance (before and after software update). In a fit of “oh FGS I’m going to get this sorted somehow” I made an appointment at the Apple store and a lovely young man resorted to resetting my entire phone. This meant having to go back and reinstall all the apps I wanted. I have never had that many apps on my phone, I mean they all fit on two pages, but it was a good excuse to weed out the ones I don’t use (only 2 games on there now). Somehow I’ve ended up with only got 8 running or fitness-related apps on my phone where I used to have about 24.
  • RunKeeper (for when my Garmin is out of action)
  • NTC (new favourite app)
  • BUPA Fitness
  • MapMyRun (actually I’ve never used this)
  • RockMyRun (arguably could go in the music folder… maybe I should relocate my AudioFuel app here too)
  • Speedo Fit (for pool times)
  • Yoga Free (I’m optimistic I’ll use this one day)
  • MyFitnessPal (for diet and exercise tracking)
Now clearly if I can’t remember the others or have bothered to reload them I didn’t need or use them but I feel I’m missing a trick so I’d love to know if there are any other apps that you guys use and recommend for running, gym, diet or anything else health related.


  1. I use Strava for when I forget my garmin and you can link them so all your gamin info shows on strava. I also love heart rate tracker for a little bit of geekiness!

    1. Oh wow that sounds really nifty, I'll definitely give that a go! Thanks :)

  2. I like myfitnesspal too. I have loads of other fitness aps on my phone too. I also have a runtastic sit up, press up and squat challenge which I'm half way through, plus blogilates and an app called pact (which I haven't used yet!).

    1. Thanks for the suggestions Emma! I've tried sit up, squat and press up challenges before but not via an app so I think I might get that. Always good to repeat those now and again. I've heard of blogilates but not pact… ooo lots to look at!