Monday, 27 January 2014

Revisiting the Past

A colleague of mine is climbing Kilimanjaro in a couple of weeks. I’ve lent him the duffle I used on my trip and we’ve had a few conversations about routes and kit and so on. He’s doing the same route I did but in a much smaller, self funded group. It prompted me to look back over my blog from 2010. I hadn’t really given much thought to how long I’ve been writing this blog, almost five years now!
Just about to set off. I was determined not to get lost.
I rather enjoyed reading back over what I’d done in training and my experiences of the climb. It was good to see how far I’d come and what I’ve achieved over the years, which I suppose was one of the intentions when I started writing. Likewise when I re-read posts from this sort of time last year, when I was tackling 15-milers in the snow and eating All The Food In America in Chicago. There is always plenty to write about when I’m training for something specific. Writing’s been a bit more of a challenge lately, probably because I don’t have much of a focus in that respect. My energy levels aren’t predictable or stable enough to tackle speed with any gusto and my studies are just coming along in the background.
Breakfast at Spanglish. Man it was good!

It’s another reason I’m looking forward to February and beyond, as I have races in the diary and will be able to write a couple of reports. I love writing, but it's always better to have things to write *about*. Speaking of which, is there anything anyone would like me to write about specifically? Which type of posts do you like reading most?