Friday, 14 February 2014

Roses v Medals

Noses are red,
Fingers are blue,
That's what February running
Does for you

I am not celebrating Valentines day as such this year. Not because I don't have anyone to celebrate with, it's just that as you read this, rather than looking forward to a romantic meal for two, or even a run with my OH, I am hanging around in Gatwick Airport waiting to board a flight to Nice where Alex and I will be running the 10 mile Carnival du Nice on Sunday.

I'm probably regretting choosing the smaller suitcase for the trip and having second thoughts about the kit I've packed. The weather report has gone downhill a bit since mid-week, meaning there's a very high probability that it'll be raining for most of the time we're out there. It's meant to be a bit warmer and less windy than in the UK but the weather isn't the only thing giving me cause for concern this weekend.

Not only have I developed a cough and snotty nose which might hamper me a little, I've done very little actual running lately. My energy levels haven't been too bad this week but I've not felt like braving the storms to run outside. I've got a 7.5 miler under my belt which should see me through as I'm not looking for a time. I've done quite a bit of incline walking on the treadmill recently, working from 1-15% gradients, and lots of cross-trainer work. I've done Body Pump and Combat this week, some yoga and an all-over gym session so I've been active but not necessarily in the right way.

I don't want to let Alex down; we said we'd run together and enjoy the experience but I just hope I don't hold her up too much. Maybe I'll surprise myself. In any case it's a weekend away with a friend and the chance to get a cool medal. Fully report on my return!

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