Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Two Months On

Hello, my name’s Vikki and I’m an anaemia sufferer. It’s been two months now since I was diagnosed with anaemia. Last week I had loads of energy but I know not to take this for granted. My moods have also stabilised a lot and I’ve found a routine that means I only forget one tablet a week rather than three or four.

My stamina is improving little by little; I took advantage of a glorious sunny morning to tackle a steady 7.5 mile run to music on Saturday morning, but my speed has suffered. I’m happy to push myself when it comes to weights and classes but I’m still nervous about intervals and other speed work so I’ve not done any. This hasn’t helped my pace but I’d prefer to enjoy a longer slow run and still have energy left over than push too hard and wipe myself out for the rest of the week. There’s been a lot less frustration now I’m learning how to manage things.

I had a dip in energy on Sunday but I think that was probably more due to staying up late to watch the Superbowl than anything else, and maybe not getting as much good quality sleep as I thought I had. Next week I expect to have a bit of a dip as I have my monthly, which sort of makes sense. The sudden drop in energy really took me by surprise last month but I’m ready for it this time, I’ve stocked up on the broccoli and orange juice!

My only real concern lately is that I seem to be going through a phase of getting quite cold, particularly hands and feet, but I’m not sure if that’s a separate thing. I’ve made my next blood test appointment for the end of the month and I’m considering making an earlier appointment with the doc to talk about feeling so cold. It’s something I can cope with and it’s not all the time but it does sort of take the joy out of an impromptu trip to the zoo when you feel so cold you want to keep moving rather than stop and look at the animals. I may be the only person to have felt comfortable in three layers and a down jacket in the tropical zone! I think this may have been a one off, in part due to tiredness, and a hot bath worked wonders but I’m keeping an eye on it.


  1. Hey! I'm so glad that your stamina's improving - that's great news! Shame about the coldness though, that sounds like a pain. Hopefully things will continue to improve :)

    1. Hey yourself :) I'm sure things will keep improving. I'm getting loads of advice from people and encouragement, not to mention the regular actual medical reviews! Feeling pretty positive :) Hope all's good with you!