Thursday, 8 May 2014

Berkshire Fitness Scene : Power Yoga

Running and yoga often seem to go hand in hand. As one of many runners who are guilty of not stretching as much as they probably should, doing yoga means I do at least some maintenance to stop things going "ping". It's also good for strength, flexibility and, for me anyway, general well being.

I first remember doing yoga at University in a vast sports hall. Our slightly plump, silver-haired instructor was called Dorothy and to this day she's the best instructor I've had. I've dabbled in other classes over the years but never gone back to it regularly. I'm yet to try hot yoga but Body Balance has been an on-off part of my regime. There are lots of yoga classes in my neck of the woods but a "Power Yoga" class at Reading Sports Park caught my eye so I thought I'd give it a go. The class description said I was in for one hour of "physical, dynamic yoga, heating up the body, toning and cleansing." so I expected lots of movement, maybe some challenging poses and to feel as though I'd really worked.

Unfortunately I was disappointed. The studio itself was nice enough, with mirrors and room for 20 people. The instructor didn't introduce herself, ask if any one was new or had any injuries, and adjusted people without asking if it was ok to touch them. Little things but if I'd had no previous experience I'd have been really put off by that. I normally make a point of introducing myself to the instructor if I'm taking a class for the first time but I didn't get a chance. The class itself was fairly standard too. Some variations of sun salutations, lots of downward dogs, a couple of balances, some warrior poses and stretches rounded off with 5 minutes of relaxation. I felt worked but not challenged. Few options for different abilities were given and I certainly didn't get warm.

I'm glad I went, it certainly did me good, but I would rather do the Body Balance classes included in the price my gym membership than pay £7.50 for a class like that. The search for an exciting local yoga class will continue!

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