Friday, 26 September 2014

A Well-deserved Break

This week's training:
Saturday: 18 miles
Sunday: 12 miles
Monday: 30 mins yoga
Tuesday: Rest day
Wednesday: Pilates
Thursday: 8 mile walk
Friday: Rest day

This week I have mostly been in Cornwall, pottering around the coastal paths, messing about in the sea, enjoying some lovely relaxing yoga and pilates classes and indulging with delicious food.

My ultra marathon training plan says I should be running 50 miles but instead I'm enjoying a well earned break after Equinox24, resting my body and mind ready to come back to the second half of my training plan with renewed enthusiasm.

That is if I decide to come back at all. I'm especially fond of Cornwall. I'm not generally one to talk of souls and spirits but I don't feel such a deep sense of calm and well-being anywhere else; it feels like my spiritual home.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. If you need me I'll be on the beach looking out to sea with a bag of chips and a glass of wine.


  1. I'm just back from cornwall Vicki! I had a week near fowey and a pasty from warrens too�� enjoy the rest x

    1. Aw Fowey is gorgeous, I've been there in the past. Hope you had a wonderful time!