Friday, 12 September 2014

The Week Of Insatiable Hunger

This week's training:
Saturday: parkrun, 30 minute HIIT workout & 9 holes of golf
Sunday: Leg work out & 8 mile run
Monday: 4 mile run & "Hundreds"
Tuesday: 15 minutes yoga
Wedesday: 6 mile run & 30 minute HIIT workout
Thursday: 5+5 miles double run & weights
Friday: 30 minute HIIT workout

I'm feeling much more on track with my training this week. Maybe it's having smashed my PB at parkrun on Saturday morning (26:41 - my first ever sub-27!!!), getting my charity race vest or the realisation that there are only 11 days until I go on holiday and I have two relatively major running events before then but my motivation has been pretty high and I'm all sorts of focussed.

I'm still trying to complete the Sweaty Betty 30 Day Sweat Challenge workouts and succeeding so far, although they're not necessarily in the right order, and just to mix things up a little more I had that round of golf I mentioned last week. Once I loosened up a bit and discovered that I could actually hit the ball some distance I rather enjoyed it all. I'm not pretending I was any good (except for the shot in the second photo, chipped from the bag to nearest the hole) but it was fun to try something new and I definitely felt worn out afterwards. The golf course is also a rather tranquil place. I forgot I was in the middle of an urban area. It's truly amazing how golf courses can be hidden in plain sight.

I've been getting All The Post this week... bits and bobs for Equinox24 (head torch, camping toaster and table, salt and pepper pot, tent pegs, glowsticks, LED balloons), stuff for my fancy dress outfit for Bacchus half marathon (no I'm not telling you yet) and a pair of shiny new trainers. I was hoping to hold out a little longer for my trainers but I'd started to get sore spots after runs and my current pair are very visibly worn so I bit the bullet and forked out for some new ones. They've already clocked up 11 miles since Thursday and I feel rather smart in them. I won't be wearing them for Equinox24... I've got two old pairs of road shoes and a pair of trail shoes for that, and the road shoes may well get permanently retired afterwards.
Purdy new shoes!
Speaking of Equinox24, I've still got masses of stuff to organise for it, not least food shopping. My kit list is longer than any I've ever had, even longer than for any holiday I've ever been on! Our band of misfits, otherwise known as The Dynamos, seems to be gelling well over email and we've all sorts of ideas for making us feel even more of a team at the event. I can't quite believe it's come around so quickly. 

But of course before then I have Bacchus which I'm running purely for fun. I will not be chasing a PB and will definitely be breaking all the normal rules of running and sampling the wine on offer at the water stations. My mum and dad are coming up to support and join in the revelry and I'm hoping it will be a really fun day. This does seem to be one event my parents are particularly on board with... mum's even gone as far as to ask when I'm going to do the Marathon Du Medoc... soon, mum... soon.

All this activity is making me want to eat All The Food so you must excuse me while I go to find something to eat that isn't cake.

What are you preparing for at the moment? What's your favourite long run food?

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