Tuesday, 26 April 2016

A Holiday Before The Storm Of May

I'm on holiday in Cornwall at the moment with my mum. It's a long-awaited and much needed break for her birthday and is consisting of much relaxing, good food and dipping toes into the sea at Watergate Bay. It's a part of the world we love as I'm sure you'll appreciate from the volume of Instagram photos I've undoubtedly been posting (this being written in advance).
Setting off on a long run.
But being self-employed means that before I go away on holiday I need to get ahead a bit and so the the week before I left was super busy. May is going to be a busy time for me with the start of three new Back to Fitness courses, my first Eat4Health instructor role, training for a new challenge plus the introduction of two new ongoing classes. On top of that I have studies and am trying to keep up with a CBT online course with Talking Therapies. Sometimes life just happens all at once!

So it was a week of meetings, one with RunFitUK founder Cassie to plan the upcoming hill running workshop (also in May!), and another with Eat4Health to get some final training before I lead my first course. I also managed to squeeze in two cinema trips, one freebie thanks to Vitality, and started the holiday with a bang by way of seeing ELO play the O2. A good mix of fun and work and a good week of training too! I'm still struggling with some of my runs but I did have a really great long run with the ladies from Bracknell Forest Council who are taking part in the Bracknell Half Marathon.
On the run through leafier parts of Bracknell
My training for the week ending 22nd April looked like this:
Saturday: Rest day
Sunday: 15 mile run
Monday: Barre class & yoga
Tuesday: Rest day
Wednesday: 5 mile run
Thursday: 4.5 mile run
Friday: Rest day

What holidays have you got planned this year? And will you be taking your trainers?


  1. Sometimes you have to wonder if it's worth taking a holiday when you have to still do everything anyway! I hope that it is worth it for you.

    I'm lucky enough to be going on holiday twice this year and I will definitely take my trainers. One is a family holiday so I will need to run to maintain sanity and the other is in Vegas so I just want to run down the Strip.


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