Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Less Training, More Self Preservation

My clients are getting used to me grimacing every time I demonstrate a leg exercise. With Cakeathon on Bank Holiday Monday and the Stour Valley Marathon the Sunday after, my legs seem to be permanently sore!

In the days between events I'd foam rollered like never before, stretched a LOT and even got the most painful sports massage I've ever had. I survived thanks to copious amounts of compression wear and actually making myself take part in warm ups and stretching throughout the week did help, I'm sure of it. I wasn't able to get booked in to yoga last week but I did make use of my new Virgin Active membership to try a Pilates class. It helped. That and a gentle swim, followed by a jacuzzi, sauna and steam (well why not).
Amazing Stour Valley Marathon bling! 
I didn't run at all last week apart from the marathon and for once I didn't miss it or feel guilty. Even when I was marshalling for the Dinton Pastures 10k on Thursday night, although given the size of the ice cream I had (which was effectively dinner) I probably should have done! Dinton is always fun. I know a good proportion of the participants these days and it's always a good atmosphere. It was a dry but hot evening with blessedly few insects around. The water station didn't stand a chance and the ice cream van did a roaring trade!
As a bit of a treat to myself I ordered a new pair of trainers. I had to ditch my bright blue Brooks Glycerines earlier in the year and went back to my Ghosts which are tried tested, but frankly a little boring in the colour department. This year's Glycerines are squint-inducingly bright which is really all the excuse I needed. That and a 50% off deal for sweatshop.
They've not been taken out for a test run yet, I'm waiting until the weather dries up and I'm not running trail. I think a gentle saunter later this week may be on the cards. I'm not out of the silly season for races yet, still two more to do before a break, but it's all shorter distance now thank goodness. You can have too much of a good thing...

My activity diary, or lack of it, last week reads like this:
Saturday: Rest day
Sunday: Stour Valley Marathon
Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: Pilates
Wednesday: Long walk around Virginia Water
Thursday: 1km Swim
Friday: Rest day

Swayed by bright kit? In the throes of too many races following overly enthusiastic race booking earlier in the year? Share your latest!

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