Friday, 6 September 2013

A Week of Over-Excitement

This week has been considerably better than last week. In fact it's been off the scale.Firstly I took and passed my Client Psychology and Motivation module for my PT qualification! I'm really chuffed. I've been studying a couple of modules simultaneously but this is the first one I've taken an exam for so now it feels I'm really making progress.

I started the week with a mini triathlon in the gym before work consisting of 24 lengths in the pool (in my new cozzie and GOGGLES THAT DON'T LEAK!), 25 minutes on the bike and 10 minutes on the treadmill. It was good practice for the Weekend Of Race Madness next weekend.

Anita got herself a fancy-pants new bike for the triathlon we're doing on said weekend and also in anticipation of signing up for the Etape de Tour next year but had yet to take it out on the road. I've not ridden my bike since I moved house a few months ago so we decided to brave it together. After battling with my bike to get it in the car without removing the back wheel, Anita's struggle to get to grips with clip in pedals, subsequent falling off the bike twice (resulting in a bruised wrist) and a change of shoes we managed a 7.5 mile ride at a leisurely pace around some fairly quite roads and cycle paths. We both enjoyed it immensely and were full of resolutions to "do this again sometime". It was so much fun just riding, without real purpose, building some confidence again. We discovered a field of falabella ponies and that it gets dark much more quickly than we anticipated. Lights need to be purchased!

Wednesday was undoubtedly the highlight of my week, having been invited to the Lunges and Lycra late summer social event at the Soho Hotel. I was so nervous about going but it was the best fun. I got to put real names and faces to twitter handles, had some great chats and came away buzzing with inspiration and intent. Fitness Playground put on a brand new kind of session for us, a sort of scavenger hunt around central London with clues being texted to our team leader on where to head next. Fueled by innocent smoothies and nakd bars, war paint duly applied, we headed out to cause chaos. My team, the Pink Ladies, came in second :) I think the best part was being cheered on in very enthusiastic fashion by a bunch of workmen near Leicester Square.
The Pink Ladies
Back to the hotel for amazing food provided by Honestly Healthy, lashings of champagne, talks, fun, games and prizes. I had a great chat with the Fitness Playground boys where I lamented the fact I didn't live in London and so couldn't do their sessions. Hopefully they'll be expanding soon. I came nowhere near to winning the wall-squat challenge (kudos to the ladies who did - legs of STEEL!) but we did all get to go home with a fantastic goody-bag with treats from Sweaty Betty, SmartShake, nuun, Purition and Nakd to mention a few.
Chilling, chatting and drinking after terrorizing the streets of London.
Amazing goody bag!
I don't think I got to sleep before 1:30am so my PT session at 7:30am was challenging, especially as we started with stair runs! Ever the glutton for punishment I then gave J her PT session after work before dashing off to my first Scouts meeting and then driving back to my parents in Kent where I'm spending the weekend. J is making sterling progress and I'm so proud of her. She's been seeing dramatic changes and I'm so pleased I've been able to help get her there. Don't know about her but I'm certainly aching today.

I'm happily not doing ANYTHING today (oh well ok I might try the Sweaty Betty online Frame Rave class) in order to have a fighting chance of a good performance at the Women's 10k and Run to the Beat half marathon over the weekend. Frankly it's going to to be brilliant fun, whatever, and I'm mega excited.

This post has been brought to you by adrenaline, excess enthusiasm and caffeine. How's your week been? What's gotten you fired up this week?

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