Saturday, 25 July 2009

A smile can get you a long way

I am exhausted. It's a result of plenty of exercise, a long week in the office, and a very early Saturday morning.

The tail end of the week hasn't been as active as I'd have liked but I managed a run, a swim and a gym session plus plenty of sit ups and press ups whilst watching On Thin Ice (maybe another year) so I'm not feeling too upset with myself for not doing much apart from digging and walking this weekend.

Unfortunately I'm moving office on Monday for the next couple of months which means no more free gym. I might try cycling into work if they've got showers at the new place. I'm almost certainly going to get a membership at the local sports centre for swimming though, make use of student rates while I can. And invest in some new goggles. I felt really great after the 1.15km I swam, made good use of my shoulder muscles.

The early morning was in aid of some more fundraising outside the local supermarket. Managed to make just shy of £100 during the morning which bumps me up to 91%! I thought Saturday would be busier but there were less people around than on the Sunday. Luck of the draw I guess.

So feeling positive and smiles all round :)

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