Friday, 10 July 2009

Update on everything

Some more very generous donations mean that I'm now at 75% of my target. When the and the cheque from the Parish Magazine for £200 arrives I'll be up to 80% with £650 left to raise! I'm looking forward to reaching the target because I won't have to worry about it so much then and I'll be able to concentrate solely on fitness levels. I also promised I'd give Shruti a hand with her fundraising at that point.

This weekend marks the first supermarket collection day. It's a Sunday, which isn't at all ideal but it will all help. I've got a Saturday session scheduled for a couple of week's time.

I've managed to get out on the bike a little this week and fitted in an early gym session this morning. I'm hoping to get in a run on Saturday. I could tell I'd been slacking. More gym sessions needed! It's been a little bit tough fitting it in between my study for the OU (deadlines loom once again) but I always feel much better for it. I've had to go as far as writing down in my diary, when I plan to fit in exercise because the habit is not yet concrete. Early gym sessions at work at least once a week will help.

I had my second Hep B jab yesterday and need to organise getting some of the other vaccines at the travel clinic.

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