Sunday, 27 January 2013

Ice Ice Baby

This week has been so relaxed and lovely, somehow without breaking my training regime. On Monday I took part in my first Body Tone class at the gym, which was, frankly, a bit of a let-down. The instructor was good, checking who was new, if there were any injuries and explaining what equipment we’d need. I set up a step with 3 risers, figuring that I wanted to make this hard for myself but was told I mustn’t use more than 1. As a result, despite throwing myself into the routines (mostly aerobic combinations) with 2kg hand weights, I hardly felt it in my legs, though I was told I should be. From this I conclude that either my legs are super strong or I must insist on using 2 risers if I do the class again. Which is unlikely.

On Tuesday I had a Spa day with my mum at Brooklands, which was just lovely. It’s a fairly small place by comparison to some I’ve been too, and all the better for it. I started off using their gym to do my intervals session before relaxing in the steam room and hot tub and having a facial and rather invigorating massage. On the way home I started to ache quite badly in my sides (it only eased on Thursday) and I can’t work out if it’s DOMS from the Body Tone class or bruising from the massage!

Wednesday saw me brave the icy paths for my tempo run around the park. Well, it was meant to be a tempo run but I had to take it quite slow in order to keep all bones intact, but I went out and covered the distance so I’m happy with that. It certainly eased my guilt over scoffing an amazing afternoon tea later that day.

I didn't really feel like venturing out for my second 1-2-1 session at the gym on Friday evening so I've rescheduled for Monday when I'm going to be there anyway. So I've only done one strength session this week but today I'm helping a friend move house so I'll be heaving boxes of books around for a large part of the day.

Yesterday morning I ran Iceman with Anita. I'll do a full race review later in the week but suffice to say  it was a lovely morning for a run, but the run itself was not lovely. It wasn't especially icy or muddy but the hills were brutal! So many hills. I'm really proud of Anita for completing her first ever 10 miler... such a trouper! I don’t seem to have any aches and pains apart from a twinge in my right ankle which is pretty good considering.

This week’s training: 22 miles and Body Tone

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