Sunday, 13 January 2013

Ousted the January Blues

I’m feeling much more positive this week. In fact I’d go so far as to say I was thoroughly excited and gleeful. I can confirm that I am now registered for Iceman and Eton Swim. The official line up of my quintet of challenges is now complete and looks like this:
March 3rd – Paris Half Marathon
April 21st – London Marathon
May 4th – Tough Mudder
May 19th – Triathlon
May 27th – Eton Swim

Events that don’t fall into the official category but serve to encourage me through my training now consist of Iceman on January 26th, Cranleigh 21 on March 24th and Bolt Round the Holt (half marathon distance) on April 6th.

Other things I’ve been getting excited about this week include booking a session kayaking on the Thames with a friend on February 16th, joining the local gym and using some of my Christmas money to buy a new pair of trainers. The local gym had a pretty good deal on, and a membership level that I can cancel any time after the first three months which is perfect! I get five 1-2-1 sessions with a personal trainer, unlimited use of the pool, group classes, gym and sauna. Of course because it’s January I can’t get booked in to any classes but that will change and I can use the pool and gym. I have my induction on Monday and best of all is it’s only a mile and a half away so I can run or bike there as my warm up!

I got my new trainers on Thursday at Alton Sports in Farnham. We don’t have a Sweatshop very nearby and truth be told I’m losing faith in them anyway and Alton Sports are far more local, friendlier and equally if not more knowledgeable. I went wearing my current/old shoes, which I think the guy approved of. I was analysed on the tread mill (I used to over pronate, now not so much, and was told I was “unusual”. Seems to be a theme) and then fitted with four different pairs of shoes. I really loved these because of the colour but ended up with the ones in the photo instead because they were slightly better, technically. I try not to get too hung up on the colour of shoes because the fit and support are the main factors but I’m kinda glad they’re not pink. I can change them within 30 days if they don’t work for me, though so far they've been dead comfy, and I got 10% discount as a member of the local running club! My old shoes are now demoted to gym duty.

This week’s training looked like this: 22.5 miles and 2 x Tuff. That included a 5-miler on Saturday and a rather grey 12 mile run near where my parents live.

Next on the to do list is figuring out how I’m travelling to Paris and booking it. I’m favouring Eurostar and am hoping they have some sort of sale I can take advantage of. It’s looking at ~£90 return per person at present (the £59 offer they have at the moment doesn’t cover our travel dates). Does anyone have any suggestions for Paris travel? Any knowledge of deals or discounts I might be able to take advantage of?

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