Saturday, 3 August 2013

Not really going to plan...

Sunday... A time to reflect on the week that has been. Last week's camping trip included a couple of decent walks in the New Forest and in Milford-on-Sea. These walks also featured pub lunches. I'm not sure if it was better to walk off the pub lunches or not to have had them at all... probably the former... in any case a large amount of food was consumed and even though I dislike leaving food on a plate I was beaten on two occasions by my meals. It felt good to don walking boots and a rucksack and set off into the forest, walking, not running, for enjoyment, not as training. I even climbed a tree!

I managed to rouse myself early enough to get to the pool on Monday morning for my swim-latte ritual. I'm getting better at front crawl, by which I mean I'm more comfortable with it but my technique is probably appalling, but the pool was crowded and I couldn't get into a real flow. I left feeling less energised than usual.

My PT is on holiday this week so I had to put myself through a gym work out. Tuesday featured half an hour on the stationary bike, a treadmill intervals session and about 45 minutes of weights work. This was probably not wise in view of the fact I had the Woodland 5 on Wednesday but it was sort of a case of now or never... most of my training has to happen during the week at the moment due to other weekend commitments.
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I took Thursday and Friday as proper rest days (Thursday was cinema, Friday was theatre night) and I planned my long run of 14 miles on Saturday morning before heading north of the M25 for a housewarming bash. It didn't go all that well. I stuck to my usual breakfast an hour before setting out but I felt heavy and lethargic so cut it short at 10 miles. I'm behind on my training plan but still, 10 miles. I was probably dehydrated so lesson learnt there. I also tried a new brand of gel from a range I'll be reviewing in a couple of weeks. It was orange. I don't know why I keep trying orange gels, I just don't like them. Sigh.

So good bits and bad bits this week. I'm ending on a high though as I'm going shopping for new trainers with Anita-the-crazy this morning and I can't promise I won't be spending some money...

How do you deal with the times your training doesn't go to plan?

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